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The Painting Process

The painting process involves a series of meetings in which we work together to formulate a vision for your painting. In order to specifically design a work of art that suits you, we cover practical elements like the focus of your portrait, pose and appropriate background or landscape site.

During this time I am also observing the more elusive qualities to design your painting with, such as the mannerisms and character of the persons to be painted. These details help me to walk you through each step of the creative process and create a timeless work of art that captures the likeness and spirit of the subject.

I work primarily from photographs, and our follow-up meetings will include the photo session, sketches and reviews of various composites that I create for the finished work. After deciding upon a final composite the painting is ready to begin!

The actual painting is executed in oil, and most sizes are created in 3-6 months. Paintings created from life (for adult sitters) are available upon request.


“I’m sure you have heard from Tara just how excited we are to bring your masterpiece into our home, but I wanted to let you know that she and I are certainly 'equally yoked' in our enthusiasm for this blessing. You have captured our children perfectly and words can’t express our gratitude. The Lord certainly blessed us through your talents.”

- M. Lee Reeves


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