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Sarah Long

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Sarah Long first revealed her artistic calling with a pencil drawing of her father for a kindergarten class. From childhood, her parents encouraged her God-given talent and supported further training in academic painting and drawing. Her skill underwent refinement at a private high school that specializes in the visual arts, where she studied under sculptor Marie Henderson, RSM.

At Columbus College of Art and Design, Sarah received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration. As a recipient of a graduate fellowship, she continued her education at the Savannah College of Art and Design and received a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Sarah’s paintings and drawings are featured annually in the Telfair Museum of Art Telfair Ball. Commercial clients include World Design Marketing, Church Street Inn Gallery, The Village at Verdier Plantation, The Hannah Group and First City Events of Savannah. Work created for non-profit organizations includes Global Warmth, First Baptist Church of the Islands and Jordan’s Crossing.

Along with teaching private art lessons for children, Sarah also teaches art appreciation classes at Brewton Parker College in Savannah.


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